Monday, 19 September 2016


Goose has been bugging me about a blog.

I've finally given in ... so if cute spaniel joy is as good for your soul as it is for mine ....  then join in the fun ..

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Horses & Thermology !

I'm thinking of branching out into Thermology.
Sounds like a hot right wing section of Scientology right?
The most basic explanation would be that it's a diagnostic tool to pinpoint problem areas in a body -  human or horse - by using heat signatures.  It's very cool.  (that was unintentionally punny)
From human breast exams to horse tendons, it's a non invasive and brilliant way to find early warning signs of 'things what might be going wrong'.

Pity it can't scan potential dates effectively.  I'd be buying the camera right now!!! 
I haven't really chatted about holistic horse healing here, suffice to say I'm a  Dr Doolittle - Florence Nightingale cross!  I infinitely prefer animals to people - they don't lie, they're not fake, they're kind and they love unconditionally - I love working with them and it's an incredibly rewarding way to spend a day.

I've had great results with my four-legged patients, and it couldn't be further removed from a radio DJ, TV presenter career.  The media side is not done and dusted, it's on hold for now and could well resurrect with another project or two, but in the meantime I'm evaluating things that make me happy.  (Something we should all do from time to time.)  
Performance media is very much a "Me, Me, Me" industry so finding the balance with something as altruistic as healing is gooood.

For most of my life I've been as balanced as a see saw with a donut-eating elephant on one side, and an anorexic mouse on the other.  Time to rectify that I think!