Monday, 19 September 2016

Starting a business

Oh the excitement and apprehension.  Excitement for the ideas and apprehension wondering if it will work!
I have three projects on the go ... and all in different stages.
Daunting it is ... there is always that little voice in your head whispering "will it work?"

Well Little Voice ... it bloody better!

My passion project is something I've wanted to do for almost 8 years now ... when I had the idea there was nothing like it around .... but now there are others out there who have taken the jump and so I got left behind ... now it's action stations ... and I hope to have it online by middle of October.

It's a global website so everyone can use it .... and I hope that you will... its the kind of website that I wish had been around years ago ... if it had then I would have used it ... which is why I came up with the concept.

My other projects are in different stages, the third is still in the sourcing stages .... so please wish me luck .. and when the website (that I'm so excited about) comes online I'll let you know ...

My imports are for the SA market and for dogs - Posh Paws -  (this is a product I wanted to buy but could never find) ... the website is more of an information page since they'll be sold out of retail stores ... but I'm enjoying the dog blog with Goose .. on the website Posh Paws ... so that's the upside!

Posh Paws here we come hence the bow tie!
Apologies to Schulz

And the last project is still at sourcing stage but I'm excited about this one too ... yet another thing i want to buy and use ... but there is nothing in the market ... so off I go to make this one a reality too!

Maybe a vlog is the way to go?  What do you think?  What is the best way to launch a business?
I'll make you a deal... if I find that out ... I'll share it with you here !!!


Goose has been bugging me about a blog.

I've finally given in ... so if cute spaniel joy is as good for your soul as it is for mine ....  then join in the fun .. it's starting now and there is much cuteness to go around!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Thank you Roadtrip for listening

As a women who spends a lot of time being 'single'  I like to feel safe at all times.  I also believe companies who represent themselves as caretakers of our safety should uphold that commitment.
You might have read my post last week about a Roadtrip experience that was far from ideal.

Thanks to everyone who read that blog,  I was surprised at the rate of traffic within on hour and it is due to your enthusiastic response that Matthew from Roadtrip jumped on the problem within a couple of hours.  After reading his emails I am confident that he thoroughly looked into the matter and I say  kudos to Matthew for accepting there was an actual problem and acknowledging it.  I have been assured this incident will be used as a teaching experience for the Roadtrip staff involved and I believe this to be true.

Any company willing to do this is one who is open to listening to customers and fixing issues when they arise.  It's unfortunate that more companies do not take this example and take better care of their customers and clients.

This is probably a good teaching experience for us too.  If something compromises our safety or wellbeing it's up to us to make sure others are not subjected to the same.

So unlike the governing party who appear to believe that corruption, squandering millions of rands pouring our economy and country down the sewer is an acceptable - let's stand up and be counted where we can make a difference.  

If we don't make the effort no-one else will.  So let's make this world a better place ... and hey look at this result.  If you're reading this blog then you already have.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Well hello there Tinder

I was dubious about going onto Tinder but kudos.   I've met some fascinating and brilliant people because of them.

I would never have met this eclectic bunch if not for some energetic Tindering ... so is it worth checking out?
If you're adventurous - and no I'm not talking sex swing adventurous - and are looking to meet new people then I would say go for it.  I think it's important to take some leaps of faith when Tindering, so don't rule people out just because they don't tick all the boxes .. jump with arms wide open and embrace the new.  Preferably with your clothes on !

That said there are a few people out there who are sex swing adventurous so if you're looking for something a little less 'swingy' then keep your eyes peeled for those ones.  They're not hard to spot.
So cheers, here's to happy hunting ... it is Friday after all  ;-)

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Roadtrip - No I don't feel safe

As a women who spends a lot of time being 'single'  I like to feel safe at all times.  I also believe companies who represent themselves as caretakers of our safety should uphold that commitment.
You might have read my post last week about a Roadtrip experience that was far from ideal.

A large part of this experience was an atrocious customer service that followed.   But I believe this wrinkle has been ironed out and I now have a follow up to share ......
click here.

I'm an idiot

Most of us say this at some point "OMG .. I'm an idiot".
Today I'm the anti-genius.
I'm scatty at the best of times, but today blonde went to a whole new shade.
There's a website concept I've wanted to put up for about 8 years.  After a couple of false starts I dove in today .. I carped the diem big time.
Unfortunately while I was seizing the fish I forgot to create the new blog (goes with the website) with a different email address.  Bugger.
End result?
I can't log into the new blog.
Now I sound like Hugh Grant in the opening scene of Four Weddings and a Funeral.
Need I say more.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Youth Day in South Africa Amidst the Al Bashir Cluster Fuck.

So the wasp-filled pinyada has been walloped by a stick.  But by whom?

The Pretoria High court decided that Al-Bashir should be arrested for war crimes wherever he goes. 

And our government ... the ANC let him leave … probably supplied him with a limo, caviar and champagne too.

It's mentioned on News 24 that Julius Malema has said South Africa cannot endorse Bashir’s arrest because the wanted head of state is not on holiday or officially visiting South Africa. 

If I had any respect for Juju before it has vanished now.  He jumps on every bandwagon with a megaphone, and until now has appeared an intelligent man.  But this has to be the most ludicrous and puerile statment he has ever uttered.  I'd like to say 'what a tool' but that would lower the tone of the blog.  

Actually, the subject matter unfortunately does that for me, so what the heck.  What a tool.

Was Al-Bashir a hologram?  

No he was here in our country.  

South Africa signed the Rome Statue ...

By the rule of law he should have been arrested as soon as he landed. 

In addition to this cluster-fuck AU president Robert Mugabe .... I can't believe I'm even typing this ... yes African Union President Robert Mugabe (in my opinion) a tyrant and dictator ... how did THAT get voted in?  Pot luck?  More like gravy-pot luck. 
Allegedly it is a rotating Presidency ... but this really was good timing for the anti- west, anti-US and anti-EU countries and politicians.

But I digress ... according to the ENCA website Mugabe has stated .. and I quote: 

"South African President Jacob Zuma had vowed to not allow police to arrest Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, African Union chairman Robert Mugabe said at a media briefing following the closing of the AU summit in Johannesburg in the early hours of Tuesday." 

So laws mean nothing in South Africa if you know the right people.  We already knew that internally ... but to flaunt it to the rest of the world really makes me wish I'd waited to bring in my pounds to convert to rands ... there goes our credibility and there goes our currency even more ....

A truly sad day for South Africa.  I can only hope that the youth of South Africa does a better job of running the country than our current government.

It is Youth Day in South Africa today ... and I urge and beg the youth of South Africa to make their voices heard, and to make our country one to be proud of.  I know they can do this ... and I believe in them.  

I do not believe in the ANC, our seemingly corrupt and greedy president or any of the seemingly insanely corrupt officials that make up our political structure.

But I do believe in our youth and those who have the courage of their convictions with good intent. 

So while our current politicians may be using and abusing their positions to line their pockets with gold as they rape the country ... there is hope for our future. 

And that hope lies with our youth.



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