Monday, 12 January 2015

Good things DO come to those who wait !

I'm more excited than a cardinal in a conclave, a bride on her wedding night or a dog with a chop ... hell a dog in party hat with a whole rack of chops, rump steak and all the meat he can eat!

My car sponsorship HAS come through ... and it's not for a car, it's an orgasm on wheels.

Driving this little slice of heaven you feel the freedom of space with the top down ... and damn ... you know you look sexy.  


Face it,  both you and I know that someone with the face of a haddock looks sexy in a convertible.  You also know that everyone else driving along side that person is jealous as hell. 

Why do I know this?  

Because everytime I see someone in a convertible I'M JEALOUS AS HELL !!!

And now I get to be one of the 'beautiful people'.... bye bye haddock-face.

Now the most pressing question I have is .... which hat will go best with the car? 


No really, it's an important choice.  A hat is crucial for a cabriolet in SA with our baking sun since I want to drive topless as often as possible.


And yes I may even put the roof down sometimes too!



Thank you Bruce at Audi Centre Fourways ... am soooo excited ... can't wait to get my new baby ... and hey if you're in the area (near Fourways Crossing) go take one for a test drive, you deserve it and it will knock your socks off, your sandals or your stilettos  ;-)


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