Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Anthems of a Stranger!

It's a rare opportunity to watch genius in motion, and last night was one of those hen's teeth.  Yes Madonna was amazing in her day, Bryan Adams was Reckless and full of fire, and if I remember correctly it was the Heat Of The Night of that very first concert which ensured my undying passion for Bryan which lasted until I interviewed him a decade later.   Please Forgive Me but I'm A Serious Musician with no sense of humour is SOOO not sexy... YAWN!

INXS was totally addictive and worth watching two nights in a row.  On stage Michael Hutchence moved like Mick Jagger (sorry Adam Lavine but you're about 15 years too late on that one) and finding myself nose to nose with him later I'll happily confirm he was dangerously charismatic and wildly, self deprecatingly charming.   Back to pure music pleasure with slightly less decadence ...  Def Leppard was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.  Two and a half hours of riotous rock hits, and come-on, a one armed drummer?  Truly inspirational.  

And now for the embarrassing confession (as if my crush on Snooze Adams wasn't mortifying enough.) 

As much as it physically pains me to admit it, (it actually Cuts Like A Knife) ... I enjoy listening to One Direction and singing along to them at the top of my lungs.  (Yes God help me, I did actually say that) not that you'll believe anything I say with regards to music after that dirty little secret has been aired ... but I digress... last night I saw true genius on stage.

Andy Innes has been best known as Johnny Clegg's principle guitarist, and I'm fortunate enough to call him a friend.  The music he creates on a guitar quite simply should not be possible, and for most string-twangers like Oasis or The Beatles it wasn't.  
There were actually two guitar legends for the price of one last night, since Alistair Coakley joined Andy on stage, and although shattered from a day on the site of my new house sorting out what needs to be done and where, I'm retrospectively relieved I made the effort to go to Andy's album launch. 

What a night.  A few old friends in the crowd of musos and a few old crushes of mine as well!  (If you're a regular to this blog you'll know that funny, or musically talented is my catnip.)

So a brilliant night all round.  If you're in SA ... then go see Andy if you can.  It's not pop, it's not commercial rock, but it is music at it's very best ... so try it out for size, and if you're not in SA then check out itunes and see what you think.
It would be remiss of me on a day like this not to add as a postnote ...

I think we can all breath a sigh of relief that Obama is in for another term.  We live in troubled times and even though there are some who don't believe that what happens in the US affects us here ... that is as narrow minded as believing that bees don't affect human life or trees ... or China.  Oh hang on ... I'm sure y'all know that China owns most of Africa so that's probably not a good example!!!!!!


  1. A great read as usual. Not sure about Obama though but time will tell.

    1. Thanks Marius .... well none of us have a crystal ball, but with all that's going on in the world I'd have thought he's the more seasoned and experienced choice ... but time will tell ;-)